Borrowing eBooks from the Seward Memorial Library –
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android

Initial Setup:
(once these steps have been completed, you will not have to do them again)

  1. Go to the App Store or Android Market
  2. Tap 'Search' and search for 'OverDrive Media Console'
  3. Tap 'OverDrive Media Console'
  4. Tap the 'Free' button
  5. Tap the 'Install' button -
    you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID Password
  6. Enter your password and tap 'OK' 
    OverDrive Media Console is installed
  7. Open the OverDrive app
  8. Tap Get Books
  9. Tap eBook Settings
  10. Tap Authorize with Adobe ID
  11. If you don’t already have an Adobe ID, select
    “Register at”
  12. Follow the instructions to sign up for an Adobe ID
  13. Follow steps 7 – 10 above
  14. Enter the email address and password
    for your new Adobe account.
  15. Select 'Authorize'.
  16. Tap Get Books
  17. Tap Add a Library
  18. Search for Seward or 68434
  19. Select the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries

Checking out eBooks:

  1. Open the OverDrive app
  2. Tap Get Books
  3. Tap the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries
  4. Find an available book and “add to cart”
  5. Proceed to Checkout
  6. Login  - Select Seward Memorial Library,
    enter your library card number and password
  7. Choose your lending period
  8. Confirm check out
  9. Download
  10. Tap book to open and read!

Return eBooks early:

  1. Tap and hold the eBook (Android) or
    Swipe across the eBook or tap the Edit button
    and then tap the red circle (iPad, iPhone, iPod) 
  2. Tap 'Delete' to display the return options.
  3. Tap 'Return and Delete'

For additional help please try one of the following:

Connect Seward County

Website hosted by Connect Seward County